Open Stack

Open Stack Power supplys are especially suitable for very high voltages as the toroid on the high voltage side gives very easy access connecting the different Loads.

The power suppys are available with an output power of 1, 3, and 6 kW at differnet output voltages:

HVOS-1kW-230-100k100 kV10 mA
HVOS-1kW-230-200k200 kV5 mA
HVOS-1kW-230-300k300 kV3,5 mA
HVOS-1kW-230-400k400 kV2,5 mA
HVOS-1kW-230-500k500 kV2 mA
HVOS-3kW-230-100k100 kV30 mA
HVOS-3kW-230-200k200 kV15 mA
HVOS-3kW-230-300k300 kV10 mA
HVOS-3kW-230-400k400 kV7,5 mA
HVOS-3kW-230-500k500 kV6 mA
HVOS-6kW-230-100k100 kV60 mA
HVOS-6kW-230-200k200 kV30 mA
HVOS-6kW-230-300k300 kV20 mA
HVOS-6kW-230-400k400 kV15 mA
HVOS-6kW-230-500k500 kV12 mA

Nabla Elektronik power supplys are resonant AC/DC converters with a PFC input stage. They are digitally controlled with a wide variety of interfaces available.

Nabla Elektronik is willing to adjust to customer demand. For example the high voltage side can be changed to a simple toroid if weight of the supply is not an issue and the absence of partial discharge is necessary. Please contact us with Your high voltage problem.